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Dave Belovsky


This system automatically dries two sided printed circuit boards and metal panels. An efficient, filtered air system is the key to the drying principle. A high velocity pressure type self cleaning aluminum fan produces 1450 cubic feet of air per minute at 15 inches of static pressure. Ambient air is then fed through six uniquely designed airknives (three top and three bottom) that blast away any trace of moisture, including all through holes.

The conveyor rollers are constructed of a three piece design. Brass end plugs are machined and pressed into a steel tube, forming a rigid yet resilient conveyor roll that is impervious to moisture and most chemicals, yet will not damage the most delicate of circuit boards.

An optional rinse section utilizes strategically placed "jet spray nozzles" (15 top and 15 bottom for 24" wide systems, and 19 top and 19 bottom for 30" wide systems) which are designed to provide a positive overlapping rinse pattern. This assures complete rinsing and removal of loose particles from both panel surfaces and barrels of drilled holes.

Other key features are:

  • The frame is constructed of welded angular steel and coated with high quality chemical and rust resistant paints.
  • The precision machined sink and frame plates are fabricated of high impact stress relieved polyvinyl chloride and welded together to form one complete modular unit.
  • External covers are constructed of 1/4" PVC to withstand the most rugged abuse. They are custom fitted to obtain a streamlined finish.
  • 170 psi high pressure.
  • Fixed or variable speed, automatic feed through conveyor for precise process control and smooth positive roller action.
  • High velocity forced ambient or heated air drying.
  • 24" and 30" wide models available.
  • Process parts as small as 1.75" x 2.0".
  • Process parts 0.01" to 0.25" in thickness. 0.004" to 0.25" thickness with optional thin film guide system.
  • Control switches and indicators are conveniently located on the front of the machine.
  • Optional solenoid valve controlled rinse system.
  • Low water usage which reduces operating costs.
  • Sound level below 75 dba.
  • Minimum floor space requirement. Less than 15 sq ft.
  • Domestic and export power.

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