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Dave Belovsky

Filtration Systems

The filtration system is a positive, field tested, pollution free filtration system that removes particle contaminants such as copper from deburring and scrubbing equipment.

The system recycles the rinse water through the utilization of carefully selected sequences of micron filtration which entraps pollution contaminants thereby emitting clean, pollution free water that is recycled to the process equipment.

The frame is constructed of welded angular steel and coated with high quality chemical and rust resistant paints. The external covers are constructed of 1/4" PVC to withstand the most rugged abuse. They are custom fitted to obtain a streamlined finish.

The filtration system is constructed of 1/4" thick PVC, housing and dual primary filter bag system and cascading polypropylene settling tank.

The system offers numerous cost saving advantages:

  • Removal of severe pollution contaminants.
  • Reduction of current water usage.
  • No back flushing required.
  • Snap away primary filter bags for uninterrupted pollution filtration.
  • A self contained, maintenance free system.
  • A significant approach in compliance with the Federal, State, and Local EPA regulations.
  • Domestic and export power.

The Primary Filter System

The primary system consists of four 100 micron woven polypropylene filter bags, which can be visually monitored for particle contaminants through a transparent, removable cover.

The Secondary Filter System

The secondary filtration sequence is a cascading settling tank, constructed of 0.5" polypropylene which holds approximately 70 gallons of water.

The Final Filter System

In the final sequence, the contaminated water is gravity fed into a high quality fixed volume pump powered by a 1.5HP, 3.450 rpm motor, which forces the solution at approximately 20 GPM through the vertical stainless steel vessel. The stainless steel filter vessel has a pressure gauge which monitors the pressure of the water passing through the cartridges. When pressure reaches a given level, the cartridges must be replaced.

Filter Cartridges

The compressed fiber filters in the vessel filter to 5 microns, and are capable of entrapping 10-12 lbs of contaminants in a 5,600 square inch surface area.

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